Contents of Volume 18 Part 2 (September) Economic Issues

A M Kedir, Schooling, BMI, Height and Wages: Panel Evidence on Men and Women.

K Elmawazini and S Nwankwo, Globalisation and Income Gap between Rich and Poor Nations.

T Sharpe and M Watts, Unconventional Monetary Policy in the UK: A Modern Money Critique.

Y Tan and C Floros, Market power, stability and performance in the Chinese banking industry.

J M Andraz and N M Norte, Output volatility in the OECD: Are the member states becoming less vulnerable to exogenous shocks?

S C Dow, Foundations for new economic thinking: a collection of essays.

Charles Whalen (ed.), Financial Instability and Economic Security after the Great Recession.

R Layard and S J Nickell, Combatting Unemployment.

W Lazonick and D J Teece (eds), Management Innovation: Essays in the Spirit of Alfred D. Chandler Jr.

Claudio Sardoni, Unemployment, Recession and Effective Demand: The Contributions of Marx, Keynes and Kalecki.

John Eatwell and Murray Milgate, The Fall and Rise of Keynesian Economics.